Projects and Activities

In order to fulfil its mission, The Conscious Music School is engaging in several areas of public outreach and education:

Education for listeners

The Course:
Developed with the express intention of waking music-listeners from their entertainment-industry-black-magic induced slumber, ‘Soul-Food or Poisonous Music?’ is a simple and inexpensive home-study course, designed to reveal the listener’s subconscious responses, reactions and desires concerning music, bringing them into the light of the conscious mind, enabling a subtler understanding of music’s affects on us, and empowering us to make wiser, psychically healthier, emotionally healthier choices in our listening habits.

The App:
Unison, an application for Android and iOS phones that employs the phenomenon of resonance for the purposes of meditation, mood- & energy-shifting, and to prepare the user for the subtler forms of listening and involvement that are part and parcel of the appreciation of conscious music. (See The One-Note Band below)
Under development. Contact from friends and allies of The Conscious Music School who have experience in the audio app industry would be welcome and greatly appreciated.

Education for musicians

Conscious Musicianship Preparatory Class:

A weekly group class on Zoom for beginners and those looking for a fresh start in the way they study and perform music. Intended as an adjunct to personal instrumental lessons, or even a pre-school before you ever pick an instrument up, this class concentrates on all the pre- and peri-musical skill-sets that musicians and teachers often mistakenly call ‘talent’, but which are in fact cognitive and emotional skills and habits that can be instilled through training. Attendees can expect their experience and performance of music to become more instinctual and ‘natural’, allowing for calm, ease, flow and inspiration in your music making. Little-to-no previous experience or skills required, except the capacity to remain engaged and concentrate for the hour-long sessions. Adults and children equally welcome.


Conscious Music School 101 and 201:

Courses for improvers and serious music students, to enable whole-brain engagement during practice and performance, as well as functional mastery over the emotional states inherent in performing live. These courses are in development, with plans to release course 101 in the 3rd quarter of 2021. Those impatient to study this subject right now are directed to our 1-on-1 coaching program where we can tackle your specific challenges in a focused way.

Conscious Music School 301:

A mastermind group for experienced musicians who wish to master the shamanic aspects of performing to live audiences, including but not limited to:

  • energetic perception and connection
  • frame-setting, holding and switching
  • pros & cons of ego & boundary dissolution
  • healing-, provoking- and service- mindsets
  • archetypal embodiment and audience projection
  • intention setting and emotional amplification
  • karma-conscious ethics for the artist who can alter hearts and minds

Coming online in 2022. Again, those who are ready now are directed to our 1-on-1 coaching program where we can get your journey started right away.

Concerts – The Heart Of The Matter

Once the musician’s education programs are in full swing, The Conscious Music School’s main route to public awareness will be through the quality and impact of the concerts and recordings produced by the school and its students. The whole point of the school’s existence is to promote the resurgence of music as a consciously shamanic service to society, and we will lead as one should lead – by demonstration. Become a friend of The Conscious Music School to stay up to date with developments.

The One-Note Band

Assuming a future world where at least some people have impeccably re-asserted their right to congregate in buildings, The Conscious Music School will be running workshops and concerts featuring The One-Note Band, a performance group that blurs the line between performer and audience, inviting both into a conscious reasessment of what constitutes passive or active involvement with music in social groups, with the express intention of re-asserting the intimate and health-promoting human elements of music making and sharing. Become a friend of The Conscious Music School to stay up to date with developments.