The Purpose and Mission of The Conscious Music School

The Conscious Music School is dedicated to the pursuit, attainment and true appreciation of Harmony in its widest sense,
for all who would open their hearts and partake of it.


Harmony within the individual and the many facets of their psyche and soul.


Harmony within an individual’s artistic output, and within their relationship to their audience.


Harmony within music – humanity’s best language for it’s transmission.


Harmony within our civilization – in the service of true peace, contentment and growth for everyone.


Practically speaking, the purpose and mission of The Conscious Music School is to rehabilitate the West’s culture of music, by addressing one of western culture’s psychic imbalances – that of left-brain domination. Not merely left brained DOMINANCE; that power of YOUR left brain hemisphere to veto the thoughts and processes of your right brain hemisphere, but left brain DOMINATION; the power of OTHER PEOPLE’S left brain hemisphere to veto the thoughts and processes of your right brain hemisphere.


This current state of domination engenders several dire conditions within western music culture:


1 It downplays the whole idea that music has the power to change hearts minds and lives, thus casting music in the light of mere entertainment rather than the magical art-form it truly is.


2 Through this downplaying of it’s powers, ethically and morally bankrupt people – psychopaths – have got away with using music as a mass-behaviour-modification tool to push forward their agendas for more than a century, with only a tiny fraction of the population suspecting or uncovering this fact.


3 Through the adoption of computerized music production (a thoroughly left-brained activity) human elements within music that relate to imagination, intuition, presence, subtle inflection and instinct are being lost in a sea of automation and algorhythmic thinking.


4 All of the above conditions lend themselves to a generalized devaluing of music as a worthwhile study and activity in school, thus fostering an unhealthy psychic imbalance in all students, compounding the left-brain domination in our culture through the exclusive valuing of STEM subjects, and subjecting the more introverted and intuitive amongst our children to a de-humanizing experience of education which ignores and leaves undeveloped the latent talents in such children.


5 Without right-brain thinking to balance it out, our musical culture has, in the main, descended into uninspired, machanical, egotistical, materialistic expressions of industrialized production and celebrity worship. Frequently the subjects of such worship are people of dubious psychic health and moral fibre, whose net influence on the psychic health of our society is negative.


In other words, music in the West is in danger of losing its soul. As it does so, the consumers and producers of such soul-less music will be in heightened danger of losing their souls, ignorant or innocent of the fact that music has the power to affect them to such a degree.


The Conscious Music School has been founded to lead western music onto another, healthier, saner, more life-sustaining path into the future. One where both audiences and musicians understand, respect and cherish music’s capacity to reach right inside us and change us. A future where musicians take seriously and in good faith their role as a potent shamanic influence within their society, and audiences expect nothing less from them.


To learn how The Conscious Music School promotes these ideas, and benfits your experience of music, check out our projects and activities page.