Schedule a full 60-minute discovery session with Simon for just £10 and learn what consciousness training can do for your musicianship and your power to connect with your audience and truly move  them.

Simon Siddol 4b

The collective psyche of the western world is changing fast. While one part of humanity plunges further and further into narcissism and programmed behaviour, many others are waking up and finding out the true powers of their minds and their hearts. Through The Conscious Music School, Simon Siddol works to educate a new class of musician, one ready to make a positive and conscious impact in this emergent world of heart-centred, truth-grounded, empathic authenticity. The truly relevant artist of tomorrow is the individual who chooses to serve the psychic and emotional benefit of their community through self-knowledge and mastery of deep connection with their fans and audiences. Come and join us in this “Second Renaissance”.

Tom Evans

He’s a really incredible teacher. Every lesson is an eye-opener, and I can guarantee you’ll learn stuff about your playing (and your brain!) that will change your approach for the better. Wholeheartedly recommend!
–  Tom Evans, Vessels

Looking for weekly 1-on-1 Piano / Composition / Improvisation lessons with a teacher who will blow your musical world wide open and develop your musicianship in ways you hadn’t even imagined yet? 

Come and try an hour’s lesson with Simon for just £10.

For beginner musicians…

Beginner or improver? Want the benefits of clear thinking and perceiving in your music study? And have a lot of fun learning it? Check out The Conscious Music School’s Preparatory group-class right here.

For music students battling problems…

Coming on with your playing, but glitching from nerves, memory or concentration issues? A short course of consciousness coaching can help you blast past your current plateau and into a world of ease and fluency. 

For musicians seeking magic…

Mastered your instrumental technique? Ready to dive into the subtler world of higher-consciousness music making, so you can really move hearts and minds?

For music lovers seeking emotional health…

Want to know how your music-listening habits program your mind and affect your mood? Don’t know the first technical thing about music? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Here, within this website, and in our activities in the manifest world, The Conscious Music School seeks to enable a sea-change in the way western civilization considers, uses and makes music.

We seek to enable new (sometimes old and forgotten) abilities in the rank-and-file musicians of the western world, while reminding them of an old and forgotten duty, the negligence of which is driving our civilization over the edge into madness and chaos.

We seek to embolden our society’s educators towards addressing the glaring need for a re-appraisal of education’s role in music and other arts, and the role of music and art in general in the developing minds of students.

We seek to set a fire under the public’s ass concerning the level of dehumanization and barely-disguised mind-control in what passes for popular and even art music in our contemporary culture. By offering the music-listening general public some ‘red-pills’ few have yet to take, we aim to change the nature of our culture’s music through the demand side of the ‘economy’.

The School’s emblem, ‘The All-Hearing Ear’ is in direct mockery of certain groups that would seek to control us all through a sustained poisoning of our arts and culture.

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