Whether you have arrived here from the direction of music, or consciousness, or education, The Conscious Music School welcomes you.

Here, within this website, and in our activities in the manifest world, The Conscious Music School seeks to enable a sea-change in the way western civilization considers, uses and makes music.

We seek to enable new (sometimes old and forgotten) abilities in the rank-and-file musicians of the western world, while reminding them of an old and forgotten duty, the negligence of which is driving our civilization over the edge into madness and chaos.

We seek to embolden our society’s educators towards addressing the glaring need for a re-appraisal of education’s role in music and other arts, and the role of music and art in general in the developing minds of students.

We seek to set a fire under the public’s ass concerning the level of dehumanization and barely-disguised mind-control in what passes for popular and even art music in our contemporary culture. By offering the music-listening general public some ‘red-pills’ few have yet to take, we aim to change the nature of our culture’s music through the demand side of the ‘economy’



1-on-1 Consciousness Coaching for Musicians Available NOW!

Get your mind, body and soul lined up with your technique

As the school grows, we will be offering:


1-on-1 coaching (available now!)


Online courses for musicians


Guides for music listeners and lovers


Intensive meet-up events


Podcast appearances and other media events


A film and book


An opportunity to join a band that will have many, many members spanning the globe


Concerts and recordings


A community hub for like-minded individuals who in some way or another seek a marriage of great music and learning and consciousness


An app for Android, Windows and iPhone that experientially trains up and sharpens a certain form of musical practice and discrimination that the west has been losing for more than a century. This app will be beneficial for musicians and music-lovers alike.